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Spring maintenance home checklist ideas

1. Check your roof: Inspect your roof for any damage or signs of wear and tear.

Look for missing or broken shingles, leaks, and cracks. If you notice any issues, call in a professional to repair or replace your roof.

2. Clean your gutters:

Clear out your gutters and downspouts of any debris that may have accumulated during the winter. This will help prevent water damage to your home's foundation and roof.

3. Check your windows and doors:

Inspect your windows and doors for any gaps, cracks, or other damage. Repair any issues to help improve energy efficiency and keep pests out.

4. Service your HVAC system: Have a professional tune up your heating and cooling system to ensure it's running efficiently and effectively.

5. Clean your outdoor spaces:

Sweep or pressure wash your deck, patio, and outdoor furniture to get rid of any dirt or debris that may have accumulated over the winter.

6. Check your landscaping:

Trim trees and shrubs, and remove any dead or damaged plants. This will help improve the appearance of your yard and prevent potential hazards.

7. Inspect your outdoor lighting:

Check your outdoor lighting fixtures for any damage and replace any burnt out bulbs. This will help improve visibility and safety around your home.

8. Test your smoke detectors:

Check your smoke detectors to ensure they're working properly. Replace batteries if needed, and make sure you have enough detectors installed in your home.




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