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Yes! You can still own a home in 2024 with bad credit ask us how!

Some interesting and shocking homeownership  facts that I heard this morning:

🎉74% of homeowners say that owning that home has helped them achieve their dreams in this country at the same time.

(Some sources say as high as 94% of homeowners believe this!

✅The cost of houses are going up this year estimated about 13%

☀️while people who are renting they're spending about 34% of their income to pay rent and they’re  not building any Equity.

(Nerd wallet only recommends maximum 30% of your income:

This is a very discouraging scenario for those of us who can't afford a home.

Talk to us!

we can help you with our rent- to -own program.

See more pro’s and con’s about rent-to own programs here:

🤯Maybe you have bad or no credit- maybe You can't get a traditional mortgage from a mortgage company.

🎉We might still  be able to help you out

🎉🎉Don’t think you can achieve your dreams as a homeowner?

Yes, homeownership IS POSSIBLE with no credit or bad credit! (Yes!) 🤯🤯

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