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Don’t you dare compare

NEVER stop to compare yourselves with others.

The grass on the other side might be artificial. In that case- your lawn isn’t in the same category.

If it is real- you don’t see the team of people taking care of it. You don’t see their water and landscaping bill.

Take care of your side with thoughtful intent. Enjoy your side- camp in it- make s’mores in it. Sit under a tree and read a book on your side.

Comparison is the true thief of joy.

Don’t waste precious minutes of this short life on wishing you had more. Enjoy every season and every stage. There are always challenges- but there are hidden gems and moments to cherish.

There will always be someone with more- more degrees, more influence, more money- just stay in your lane. Don’t stop your race looking over to another racer.

Don’t you dare compare yourself. There is only ONE YOU in this universe. You have ideas, skills snd abilities that need to be seen. There is only so many hours in the day- how are you using your time?

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