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We are celebrating our anniversary!

Hi! We are Andrew and Christal Marshall- founders and co-owners of Handy Andy Fixes, Nomad Earth Design, Virginia Marketing and Media and Virginia Photos and Films.

Together this week since 2003! We are celebrating our 17 year anniversary (5 dating and 12 years of marriage) this week by giving back to the community and building an amazing and GIANT piece of art together.... we can’t wait for open doors and love listening to the Voice of the Good Shepherd through the long journey of faith that we are on!

We’ve been having at home businesses since 2012 and we started our building business in 2020 right in the midst of a pandemic.

we are so grateful for our community that has really come along side of us to help us raise our children, give us leads and support us in many ways over the years.

We love knowing that we are celebrating our anniversary helping others, supporting our family and making the world a better and better place. We are passionate about our many volunteer, charity and giving a projects through mentoring others, financially supporting local ministries, giving up our time and using our gifts to serve!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and we want to continue to serve God in the process and glorify him through our acts of worship

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