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Top 10 things to do to your home before hiring a home inspector-

🤯🤯Trying to figure out where to start when it comes to a home inspection?

Here are 10 things that you need to do  first before hiring a home inspector:

1. Clean and declutter: Ensure that the home is clean and tidy, as this will give the inspector better access to various areas. Clear away any clutter that may obstruct their view or hinder their ability to inspect.

2. Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms: Check that all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are in working order. Replace batteries if needed.

3. Clear access to utilities: Make sure that the inspector can easily access the main electrical panel, water shut-off valve, HVAC systems, and any other utility areas. Clear away any obstructions or personal belongings.

4. Provide documentation: Gather any relevant documentation, such as maintenance records, warranties, and permits for renovations or repairs. This can give the inspector a better understanding of the history and condition of the property.

5. Check for leaks and water damage: Inspect for any signs of water leaks, such as water stains on ceilings or walls. Repair any leaks or water damage beforehand, if possible.

6. Replace light bulbs: Ensure that all light fixtures have working bulbs. This will help the inspector examine the property thoroughly, including attics, basements, and other dark areas.

7. Check doors and windows: Test all doors and windows to ensure they open, close, and lock properly. Repair or replace any faulty mechanisms.

8. Trim vegetation: Trim any overgrown vegetation around the exterior of the property. This will allow the inspector to assess the condition of the foundation, siding, and other exterior components.

9. Address minor repairs: Fix any minor issues, such as loose handrails, leaky faucets, or damaged window screens. While these may seem small, addressing them beforehand can help create a positive impression during the inspection.

10. Prepare a list of questions: Take the opportunity to ask the inspector any specific questions you may have about the property or the inspection process. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations.

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