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This is the dishwasher that started it all.

The year was 2020- We were visiting our in-laws in Washington D.C. and we were in-between work.

Their dishwasher broke and the smell of the moldy dishwasher was always a reminder of "I need to get that dishwasher fixed."

My mom tried- calling handymen in her local area- even having several come over to her townhome to simply replace the dishwasher.

But their answer was always the same- "We need to replace the entire kitchen cabinets and floor to get this out of here."

Andrew, looked at the placement of the dishwasher and saw, just by lifting up the kitchen counter with a wedge, he was able to slip out the dishwasher.

Then an idea formed- Maybe we can fix homes during 2020. One dishwasher photo, two facebook posts later- turned into a deck the same month- which turned into an LLC a few months later.

At the same time, we wanted a cheap family vacation- but with all the traveling being stopped, we thought about camping. We rented a spot at a campground on a cold October weekend. We were so cold in our tent that we started to imagine having an RV.

At the time, an RV for our size family was going to be 10,000 or more. We wanted something that could be wonderful for photographers to rent and take pictures in as well. Therefore, we were able to get a book on Amazon on how to build one for under our budget using reclaimed materials.

Now that idea, with the handyman business- feeds our homeschool family of five now – to years later.

So never despise the small beginnings of an idea. Never put down someone’s else small idea. A small idea can provide for a family. A small idea can turn into an income for year’s to come.

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