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Normalize trades

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Learning to make a trade our full time income was the best thing for our family during quarantine

Normalize the value of the trade industry- this will provide for your family during hard times

Learn plumbing- learn drywall- learn electrical- learn medical trades- learn construction - learn a skill that’s irreplaceable

this is what will sustain you when office jobs are up-in-the-air -which is what the great lesson of 2020 for our family

Andy has three (yes three) master degrees in theology and church ministries and what happened to churches during quarantine?

No suffuencent funds for a family of five and unemployment left and right (which is where we found ourselves)

What did we do? We didn’t sit around! We got to work - armed with trade knowledge of how to start and run a successful business and now we love helping other people market and become trade experts.

Have a trade business? Hire unskilled laborers to do honest work and learn under you.

Afraid your child won’t find work in a field with a college degree? Empower them to intern under a trade company to learn a skill.

Normalize small businesses. Normalize

being an entrepreneur. Normalize working hard. The next pandemic is only around the corner.

How will you empower the next generation with skills and knowledge to understand how to provide for their family?

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