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How do you build generational wealth, acquire property or buy assets using the equity in your home? -real estate investment questions -FAQ-

✅✅How can we build wealth using our home equity?

There is a couple different ways.

✅ you can leverage it through a equity line of credit

✅or a home equity loan.

💰you can legally pull out 40,000 of your 50,000 dollars of equity.

You can either take that 40,000 and pick up a couple different units to rent out


🎉you could take that 40,000 and split it up into 2 purchases,

🎉For example: you're going to use x amount of dollars to acquire the property and they're going to use x amount of dollars to fix it up and resell it.

🤯So there's a couple of different strategies that all depends on: Are you trying to acquire wealth? Or are you trying to acquire assets?

Yes, you choose which focus

✅In summary:

1️⃣So you can flip a property using the money you got from your equity.

2️⃣you can finance the property and sell it to someone else or

3️⃣or you're going to hold on to the property.


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