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How can you help??

How can you partner with us on this charity shower project with @mercydropsdreamcenter? Can’t swing a hammer?? Not a problem, there is a lot of ways for our community to come around this project

✅ donate to the project- many hundreds of beautiful humans will benefit from a warm shower! Give now on @mercydropsdreamcenter website

✅ have the gift of helps?! We would LOVE hot meals and drinks as we are going to be working very late nights before it’s due June 19th! DM us our address!

✅ Love children??? We are looking for Reliable and caring babysitters and helpers to serve so that we can concentrate on building and take a break from homeschooling for the next two weeks!

✅gift cards to Home Depot to give in a creative way- we are still lacking the materials for stairs and the price of wood has TRIPLED since we gave the initial project estimate

✅donate soap, shampoo and feminine products for the opening shower event! (Contact @mercydropsdreamcenter to see how you can give)! www.mercy

email us to get in touch!

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