Custom Wine Wagon Build for food truck and concessions

Updated: 3 hours ago

We were once again blessed to get a lead on a custom mobile wine unit for a customer who wishes to haul it to events and weddings

We are building this special job on a 6x10 trailer with these special features:

  • concession window

  • removable bar

  • wine and goods storage

  • small fridge area

  • custom counter tops

  • removable bed

  • running water hookup with sink

  • electrical

Unlike our two other trailers - this is a first one designed specifically to serve food and display goods for events. Our other wagons we’re created for festivals and camping purposes.

Most concession stand type of trainers are metal- this will be a unique design since it will be a wooden structure on wheels that can be hauled. It will look like a tiny cabin!

We were able to get reclaimed building materials from a local donor to honor her late husband for this first phase of building. Before we started building, we got a call from a local client who had a two car garage filled with fine wood working tools and building materials from her husband’s old business. She gave us permission that we could use them for our business. We are so appreciative of our community who wants to support our work in creative ways.

We added plyboard to support the framing. We created custom arches (our signature look) for a "wine barrel" curve to match her wine and charcuterie board business.

It was a challenge to find the shape of the arch to fit inside of ONE plyboard to achieve minimal waste. This project includes reclaimed materials so sometimes, it is difficult to find just the right piece to match the puzzle.

The curved roof aspect is our favorite. Not only does it create a high ceiling affect to create the illusion of a bigger space, but from the outside, it looks so neat.

The roofing is just about to go onto our new wine wagon custom build for a local business.

Each panel has to be double enforced with metal framing holsters and plyboard cross beams that are cut and arched to hold up the metal roof pieces.

As you can see- the shape of the 12 foot wagon is really starting to form.

We are so blessed to be able to work together as a couple and as a family- working, living and breathing our small Business but also teaching our kids life skills!

WEEK TWO: roofing and exterior

We are so excited that this week, our focus is putting on the roofing and tackling the exterior. We are also adding a new colleague to our team, our brother Matthew, who will help Andrew with building faster and be able to do more accurate cuts with a helper.

Now that we have a second person, we can multitask and have one person in one area and another person and another!

We can’t wait to show you our thoughts for the concession window! It’s going to open up to the public as a countertop and as a protective closure when the trailer is in motion.