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Choose joy

Choose joy

Everywhere you look you see shirts that say “choose joy” - even though it sounds a little cliché, we can in fact choose our attitude daily!

I try to teach my kids that we can’t change anything around us or change other people’s attitudes but we can always choose our words and our actions.

In a world filled with evil and darkness, we have an important job to create discussions and moments to ring light and hope.

The best thing we can do as parents, is to train the future generation on how to make good decisions, choose their attitude and weigh their words!

We do a lot of board games in the house, one of the board games that we like to play frequently is chess. Each move is thawed out before proceeding. I like to give the analogy of our words and our actions is the same way. In a world with reactions- anger and violence- we need to coach and train about how we can think through and visualize what we do before we do it.

Choosing joy and life-giving actions is definitely a muscle we must exercise and train. This is why our job as parents and leaders is so vital!

Ask yourself, how are you choosing joy today?
How are you choosing your words today?
How can you make time in your busy schedule to train and teach someone else on how to do so?
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