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3 apps every home owner needs for their house | Handy Andy Fixes | pro tips

Here are three apps that can help homeowners take care of their homes:

1. Home Maintenance: This app helps homeowners keep track of home maintenance tasks and schedules. It provides reminders for tasks like changing air filters, inspecting smoke detectors, and cleaning gutters. It also offers tips and guides for various home maintenance projects.

2. Home Inventory: This app allows homeowners to create a detailed inventory of their belongings. It helps keep track of valuable items, including their photos, descriptions, and estimated values. In case of theft, damage, or loss, this app can assist with insurance claims and provide peace of mind.

3. Energy Saving: This app helps homeowners monitor and optimize their energy usage. It provides energy-saving tips and suggestions tailored to the specific home. It can track energy consumption, identify energy-efficient appliances, and offer insights to reduce utility bills.

These apps can be valuable tools for homeowners to stay organized, protect their investment, and save money on home maintenance and energy costs. Give them a try and see how they can simplify your homeowner responsibilities!

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